Only Yourself

If you love only yourself
You may feel like you've won,
But if you ignore others
The battle's only just begun,
If you can't find love for them
Forever you will run,
Chasing after happiness
Until your time is done


Flowing through life,
Continuing down the same old path,
Desperately waiting to reach the promised sea;

Trying to find a better way,
I look to the sky;
Lift me up above it all,
Far away from pain;
But it does not last long
Before I fell from that dream;

It seemed all was lost,
Until I realized
I am in a new stream,
One that flows not to the chaotic crowed oceans,
But a small oasis to call my own.


Why do we wish upon a star,
A distant object far from reach;
We will never touch but always see,
In the darkest hour of the night;
We must choose to believe
One day we shall fly among them;
Seek them out and call them by name,
They will not remain in the dark any longer.